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Air Neck Traction

Air Neck Traction helps alleviate tension and feel relaxed in your neck in 20 minutes.
20 minutes of treatment will give neck relief.
2 months of treatment completely gets rid of cervical spondylosis.
Wear this Air Neck Traction Device on your neck and shoulder in 20 minutes as did a gently massage.

Product Introduction

The first illustration shows traditional forms of neck traction commonly used today. Traction is applied with weights and water bags through a head halter that places much of the force through the chin. These devices may cause undue pressure on the jaw and temporomandibular joints and aggravate problems in people who have TMJ dysfunction. Additionally, the devices require a lengthy set up procedure, a constrained and stationary treatment position. Additionally, negative consequences may occur if someone should open a door or the water bag leaks.

The traditional home methods of traction have been widely used for neck pain relief, muscle spasms and nerve compression by stretching soft tissues and separating joint surfaces.

Related Knowledge
Cervical disease is a huge hazards for people’s health and it often result in below symptoms:

◆ Number one: sub-health; premature aging; emotional instability; seriously affecting the quality of life and work.
◆ Number two: Insidious onset; easily ignored in early metaphase; Patients in the later stages of cervical disease may become paralyzed
◆ Number three: It causes unstable blood pressure. It’s an important reasons develop cerebrovascular and cardiovascular diseases and ENT diseases.
◆ Number Four: Headache; dizziness; tinnitus; blurred vision; poor memory; unresponsive
◆ Number five: Palpitation; chest tightness; breathe hard; hiccups; arrhythmia;auricular fibrillation.
◆ Number six: Cervical disease patients more than 90% developed Menopausal Syndrome and autonomic dysfunction
◆ Number seven: Cervical disease caused chronic stomachache and gastrointestinal function dysfunction.

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